what is next

I’ve spent oodles of time scrolling throughout social media. 

There are nights when I get lost, like everyone else, looking. Just looking. I don’t know for what, but at some point I stopped using the internet as a resource to go on, do a thing, and leave. 

That random scrolling became an odd sense of “finding that something next”.

But is there ever anything next? Is there some blog post or Instagram image that will give me that fulfilled feeling? 

If you’re like me, you usually don’t find *it*. You keep scrolling. 

So I’ve been asking myself lately, maybe what I’m actually looking for in those moments isn’t on Instagram or Facebook. We all know those platforms are designed to try to get you absently on the sites and continuing to look around.

There are times when that’s fine to do. We learn about what our friends are up to and gain new ideas through such means.

But if you’re scrolling for something to help you feel better, for some idea or thought that might make you feel fulfilled, maybe we need to remember fulfillment isn’t an outside source.

I’ve started a new habit. That if I’m scrolling randomly like that, without a purpose, I put it away for a day and work on some other project that’s actually fulfilling. Making cookies from scratch, etc. Little things. 

Sometimes when I feel lost, I just change direction.