how to design personal policies

Personal policies are simply standards that we can set ourselves to. This is getting very specific and writing out exactly how you would handle situations that personally matter to you.

Examples of some personal polices are:

  • I don’t eat after 5 pm.
  • I don’t leave my phone near my bed while I sleep.
  • Fridays are personal “me time” days only.
  • I drink only water.

Whatever your polices are, it’s good to get them down on paper and when someone say invites you to dinner at 7 pm, you can say honestly “sorry, I’ve a personal policy to not eat after 5, how about we meet at 4:30?”

Some more examples:

  • If I’m frustrated, I’ll write out my feelings via pen and paper or in my note taking app of choice before I say anything to anyone else, even in comments on the Internet.
  • I stay logged out of social media during work hours and family time. I physically have to sign in each time, making sure I never sign in unless I choose to be there with intention.
  • I never leave internet comments unless I have something helpful or kind to say.
  • Family time happens every Monday, without phones. It’s priority one and outside of ill health or house fire, I never miss it.
  • Vacation time, me time, are not work times. Work belongs in work time. Me time and fun times are taken up with my things to do.
  • I follow a Cajun-style work week. I work hard Monday through Thursday to keep Friday – Saturday clear for what I want to do.

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