daily rituals – morning and evening

I’ve talked about my morning routine, but I’ve not broken it down before in notes about how exactly it goes. Generic ideas are one thing, but actually jotting notes about what I’m doing in the morning actually is interesting to me.

If you’ve not seen morning and evening routines on YouTube or in blogs, I don’t know why, but just like grocery hauls, I’m just very nosy I guess.

If you’d like to change things, it’s best to start with what you do now, and note where you’ll make the changes. In my case, I’m always looking for healthy and happy ways to improve my time spent.


  • ​​Rise and wash face, follow morning skin care routine.
  • Let Sherlock out to join me in the kitchen
  • Let Sherlock have some berries or nuts by the window
  • Prep Sherlock’s food and water for the day: pellets, some fruit, veg, a couple of nuts, tiny bit of seed
  • Create some coffee, a mix of cold brew with some almond milk
  • If writing, sitting to write while Sherlock has breakfast. If not, enjoying coffee while browsing internet or working on some personal things (like this site!)Try not to bother my ♥ until around noon time so we both get some things done (failing often!)


  • Stop work at early afternoon
  • Set up work areas for the next day to make starting easier
  • Indulge with my ♥ until he can’t keep up any more
  • Miss him
  • Hang out with Sherlock
  • Try to get five miles in on a bike or do some other form of exercise
  • Put Sherlock to bed by nine, with B’s help (Sherlock loves this time, B’s his favorite, probably more than me.)
  • Me time: vitamins, brush teeth, night skin care, slip into bed with the Kindle, some music, before bed

​Those are from my personal lists and these will change as life changes. I find it satisfying to analyze what I’m doing, cutting out the things that aren’t important. But what’s important isn’t email. It’s not making sure Facebook didn’t explode over night. It’s people, pets and just getting myself together until I’m ready for the day.