following a bob ross tutorial using your phone

This was something I thought I couldn’t do unless I had paint and canvas.

However, last night I was thinking…why can’t I just paint with Photoshop? And after trying to get my laptop sorted a bit, I switched and just used my phone instead.

The truth is, you can literally paint anywhere and with technology, you can paint with your phone, a tablet, anything.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Following a Bob Ross tutorial with your phone or a tablet.

  1. Download a good painting app.

    For the scene depicted here, I used Sketch by Sony Mobile. I’m sure I could have used Photoshop for mobile or something else. Sketch was free, I just happened to see it first, and it had the option to blend and other features that worked really well for what I was doing.

  2. Find a Bob Ross tutorial you enjoy.

    The image here was from Season 20, Episode 6, called Cliffside. All of Bob Ross’s videos appear to be on YouTube.

  3. Take your time, and have fun.

    It took me a bit of time to match colors, given he tells you to use ‘canary yellow’ or whatever the paint colors are. Just pause, do your best to match the color. If you’re using Sketch, I used the Airbrush tool, usually set to 80% to 30% opacity, and adjusted the size that made sense for what I was doing. Small for when he uses like the fan brush to do fine details, etc. When he’s blending, and for most of the time, it has a blender tool as well, which you can adjust the size, and the strength. It works amazingly well for this.

Additional tips: If your phone comes with a stylus pen, I highly recommend it. With all the blending, my finger was rather sore after. Most phones will let you use a stylus, even if your phone didn’t come with one. Amazon sells sets, some in varying colors, for $6 or so.

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