happy good morning routine ideas

a morning routine that I'm currently happy with

Rise slowly, with enough time to get to your routine with intention.

I used to follow many productivity blogs and vloggers and coaches who would say very simply: get up at 5 am and get to that thing and do an hour of work to see progress.

While I get up relatively early ( between six or seven am naturally without an alarm), I’ve tried getting up earlier on occasion but one thing I’ve been firm about for years is that I absolutely hate waking up to an alarm clock.

If you have the ability to skip the alarm, I highly recommend it. And if your body clock doesn’t like getting up before sunlight is peeking over the skyline, pushing at yourself may not mean you’re more productive. It may mean you’re just tired. If you’re getting less sleep by getting up an hour early and dragging, maybe that extra morning work hour isn’t as beneficial.

Not everyone can change their morning routine, and not everyone should. However, morning routines that work for you, by eliminating the unnecessary and allowing yourself to slow down can do wonders.

How to Build a Morning Routine that Works for You

  1. Write out your routine now. Try to take a bit of extra time, even if it’s a voice note, and notice what you’re doing. 
  2. Examine your routine for what you can let go. Are you trying to fit in exercise when there simply isn’t room or you’re not completely awake yet and it can cause injury? Are you trying to fit in emails? See what you can move around in your day to slow down your morning. I personally found moving my exercise to the evening hours works for me, but do what’s best for you.
  3. Work your routine down into the first hour of your day. You can speed up and get to work and chores later, but limit your first hour to a few things of major importance and focus. Maybe it’s saying hello to your loved ones, a bit of time with your pets, waking children slow and with love, prayer, sketching ideas or outlines, whatever it is, refocus your priorities to what really matters to you personally.
  4. Pre-prep the night before. I personally make a pot of cold brew coffee that I keep in my fridge ready to go and plan a quick breakfast.(hardboiled egg and cheese, or a already pre-sliced mango, for example) This way as I’m waking, I’m less likely to hurry about and fumble in confusion. 
  5. Change as you progress. Your life changes depending on the season or if it’s the weekend or holidays, so allow room for those differences. I personally love using Google Keep to store my routine because I can rearrange, add to and take out what is or isn’t working for me. I don’t have it set into a calendar as I don’t hold myself to a time frame arbitrarily. Keep allows me to follow my list no matter what time I wake up. However, use what works best for you. 

what is next

I’ve spent oodles of time scrolling throughout social media. 

There are nights when I get lost, like everyone else, looking. Just looking. I don’t know for what, but at some point I stopped using the internet as a resource to go on, do a thing, and leave. 

That random scrolling became an odd sense of “finding that something next”.

But is there ever anything next? Is there some blog post or Instagram image that will give me that fulfilled feeling? 

If you’re like me, you usually don’t find *it*. You keep scrolling. 

So I’ve been asking myself lately, maybe what I’m actually looking for in those moments isn’t on Instagram or Facebook. We all know those platforms are designed to try to get you absently on the sites and continuing to look around.

There are times when that’s fine to do. We learn about what our friends are up to and gain new ideas through such means.

But if you’re scrolling for something to help you feel better, for some idea or thought that might make you feel fulfilled, maybe we need to remember fulfillment isn’t an outside source.

I’ve started a new habit. That if I’m scrolling randomly like that, without a purpose, I put it away for a day and work on some other project that’s actually fulfilling. Making cookies from scratch, etc. Little things. 

Sometimes when I feel lost, I just change direction.