simple and healthy grab and go breakfast

You might call it a breakfast station. I don’t have a designated area in my small kitchen to create one. Instead, I’ve a section of shelf and one of the drawers in my fridge for this. This works for me as some items I like to eat for breakfast, are actually cold, like small bits of cheese, or cold brew coffee.

It’s the same system no matter where you put it. When decluttering and organizing for most projects, we usually want to stick likes with likes. I’ve started to do this more in my kitchen, so that includes breakfast.

And this doesn’t have to be just for breakfast either. Maybe you’ve developed a new morning routine and can slow down so you make yourself breakfast. However, around noon, you’re hungry and you’re in the middle of stuff, so you need quick lunch options.

Whatever the situation, it works. All you need are some products you can keep in stock, switch out on occasion for variety.

Need to know how to get started making your own simple breakfast station?

  1. Research and collect ideas.

    I’ve a collection of breakfast combination ideas of different items, but I personally like to start with when I’m at the supermarket or at Starbucks, what I pick up to enjoy there. A simple protein box at Starbucks has very simple items in it. They’re easy to prep and store in the fridge for a quick grab and go. Check the Starbucks box menu options for some really simple ideas.

  2. Choose how you’ll grab and go.

    Some people need to pick up one or two things and leave the house on the way to work. If this is you, a bento and a night-before-prepared cup of cold brew coffee might be for you. If you have a bit of time, you can set up what is sort of like a ‘buffet style’ situation. A collection of items that sit together, a bin a mix of items to choose from, etc.

  3. For low calorie ideas, create a pick three system.

    This is what I’ve been doing. My fridge and a shelf contain a variety of items (like the picture displayed). Each item hovers very close to 100 calories or less. I can pick three of any sort and my breakfast is never more than 300 calories. This leaves me the ability to pick and choose my breakfast, giving me the feeling of options, without worrying about exactly how many calories I’m consuming. I already know I won’t be over my calorie budget.

  4. See where you can order in bulk to keep supplies up.

    I personally used sites like Boxed and of course occasionally Amazon to purchase some items where I can. I don’t have a local Sam’s Club or anything similar, so I have to buy online. Boxed is my personal favorite to stock up on items, and if you use my link here, you’d get $15 toward your first purchase. I get items like GoGo squeeZ Applesauce pouches, or BOOMCHICKAPOP Sea Salt Popcorn in bulk so I’ve got them ready to go.

  5. Consider cold brew coffee instead of K Cups or brewing every morning.

    My process for coffee is very simple. I’ve a cold coffee brewer (posted below) that I just put in whatever coffee I prefer. I use filtered water, let it set over night. In the morning, I pour out half a cup with some vanilla almond milk. You might prefer to pre-make it the night before. Stop waiting for coffee. Just pour some or grab and go. But I tend to like cold brew over hot drinks so that’s just my personal preference.

  6. Pre cut, pre measure.

    I found that if I pre measured a little peanut butter in a cup, that I’m more likely to slice up an apple in the morning and take it with me. People call it meal prep. I don’t like doing it every week though. So I prefer to have things that I can make (like peanut butter in little cups) for weeks ahead of time and then stack easily.

  7. Put it all together.

    For me, it didn’t have to be in one single place, but I have a shelf (like pictured) and then in the fridge, one of the bins are set aside. So essentially it’s two spots I can pull what I want from. When I’m blurry eyed in the morning, I don’t have to pick up that breakfast burrito from a fast food place. I’ve got it here.

A couple of breakfast grab and go combinations: