About Me

Collection of comfort things

I’ve been successful, at least in the very traditional sense.

I had a career as a bestselling author. Loads of income with every book I wrote. Tons of praise. An agent. Movie producers contacting me.

It was a complete dream for me, but after a while, it wasn’t. After a while, writing became another job. The praise was always followed by heavy criticism, not just on my books, but about me as a person, and none of them knew me. They never met me. My agent always wanted more, usually books I didn’t have the heart to write, just whatever was selling.

No matter how much I wrote, it was never enough. And I always had to write another one to stay relevant. So it became this cycle:

write a book ≠ enough 

And what kind of life was that? To do the thing you’ve always wanted and never when you complete it is it enough?

I wasn’t happy. A deep part of me knew I’d turned what had been a life long dream into something I resented doing. Money had not made me happy. It never does. 

And success? I had success all wrong. Being successful wasn’t getting on another USA Today bestsellers list. Being successful was never a certain number of positive reviews on Amazon. Other people were constantly telling me to be successful, I had do this or that, things I didn’t want to do, to reach things that didn’t even matter.

Has this been you? Have you worked for success, only to realize you’ve become a cog in someone else’s plan for success? Followed the belief that success = happiness? Because it became very real for me when I realized:

success ≠ happiness

We’ve all heard it. Reach for success. Success is a goal. 

But not for me. Not any more. I’ve decided to make happiness my life long pursuit. Success doesn’t equal happiness, but when I’m happy, and finding joy and pleasure in simple every day things, I consider that successful. 

If you’ll join me, I’ll share with you how to be happy again.